Bedside Ladder Upcycle // DIY

There are a few things that we just haven’t got around to getting for our home. You all know I love a good DIY (being a DIY blogger and all), but sometimes it’s nice to start with an old item and do it up into a gorgeous home decor piece, rather than starting it from scratch.

Ladder Upcycle - Gumtree Mobile App

Last week I teamed up with Gumtree to FINALLY get around to adding a new item to our house. I found a gorgeous old ladder on the Gumtree Mobile App and gave you all the chance to give your suggestions for a ladder upcycle project. Your ideas were AH-MAY-ZING! Continue reading

Cork Mousepad DIY // Tutorial

Not all DIYs work out the way you had originally imagined them. As a DIY blogger you have to get used to changing your plan as you go and hoping that it turns out even BETTER than the plan. This is one of those. My computer mouse really doesn’t work all that well if I use it straight on my desk, so it was time to do a mousepad DIY.

Cork Mousepad DIY

This post started out as a spray paint DIY, but the tape on cork just didn’t work for spray paint. You know how the paint sometimes seeps under the tape. Urgh, it doesn’t look good! The spray paint also seemed to just get absorbed into the cork. But don’t worry, a plan was made and I love the final result even more. Continue reading

Oat Waffles // Recipe

Are waffles not one of the best treats? My parents bought us a waffle iron back in the day and it somehow became the job of one of my brothers and I to make the waffles. I certainly wasn’t complaining though. In fact, I’ve borrowed that very waffle iron to use myself. I’m not sure my mom realises how long term the borrowing deal is…To make use of it while I can, we did a little experiment with oats, and the result of these oat waffles was really great. Why not try them for yourself?

Oat Waffles recipe

Continue reading