2015 SA Blog Awards Results

The 2015 SA blog awards results are out and I’m so excited! I absolutely love putting together content for Pure Sweet Joy, but many people don’t realise the hard work that goes into blogging. It’s so great to see bloggers getting recognition for their efforts. Head over to see the list of 2015 results and look for MY name! 🙂

Pure Sweet Joy

Pure Sweet Joy was a runner up for best Arts and Crafts blog. It seems fitting to give a little thank you to everyone who supports me. Thank you for spending some of your precious time on Pure Sweet Joy. It’s just lovely hearing from you or seeing pictures of DIYs that you’ve done. Remember to tag them on Instagram with #puresweetjoyblog, if your profile is set to public, or send them direct to me, @puresweetjoy. Special thanks to Michael for putting up with the craft supplies being strewn around the house and piles of things moved out the way so that I can take photos. You’re the best!

Are you looking to improve your blog? I’ll be posting more tips this year, as well as a regular VERY transparent look into the behind the scenes of Pure Sweet Joy’s traffic, income and journey to improve this space. Be sure to subscribe to receive posts by email or follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Bloglovin.

The South African Blogging community also has a great Facebook Group. You should definitely join it if you’re a South African Blogger looking for some support.

Deborah Xx

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