Cake bunting and cupcake flags // tutorial

A few weeks ago I was part of organising a kitchen tea for a dear friend who is getting married tomorrow (YAY!). I decided to make some miniature bunting for a cake and some flags for other little snacks. I didn’t end up taking photos of that batch, but I made another one and then had a perfect excuse to bake a delicious chocolate cake 🙂

It was so easy to make. Start by folding some pretty paper (I printed out a design) and then cutting out triangles along the fold
For the flags, simply use some glue and stick them on to toothpicks. For the cake bunting, use glue and stick them on to a piece of cotton (or ribbon, or whatever you want to use), allowing enough on the edges to tie it to your sticks. Second time round, I decided to wrap the cotton around the stick, tie a simple knot and then glue the edge bit around the stick with some wood glue. This actually made a really neat finish, but you can also make a little bow if you prefer.

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