Heart Funfetti Cookies // Recipe

Do you ever feel like you just need to add a little sprinkles to the everyday things of life? It is way to easy for our day to day activities to take over and the fun side of life to get pushed aside. While small, funfetti is a great way to add an extra little bit of extra colour, fun and party spirit. Adding funfetti sprinkles to vanilla cookies to make some funfetti cookies? So simple and easy!

Add a little fun to your table with these heart funfetti cookies // recipe

These funfetti cookies were made as part of the run up to Valentine’s Day. Somehow they only ever made it on to Instagram and not the blog. I figured it was time to share them here too. Continue reading

4 tips to avoid a painting disaster – Bathroom makeover part 1

Part one of our bathroom makeover does not go according to your average makeover story. Spoiler: Not all DIYs by a DIY blogger work the way they should! Our bathroom didn’t turn out well. Like, at all! But, we’ve learnt a lot in the process and with the help of Prominent Paints we’re going to make it right!

Let’s start at the beginning. Our main bathroom came with slightly greeny yellow tiles and a yellow beige wall. We thought it would be a great place to start with updating the look of the house and went all in over a long weekend last year.

Make your bathroom awesome by avoiding the mistakes we made! 4 simple tips from our bathroom makeover Continue reading