4 tips to avoid a painting disaster – Bathroom makeover part 1

Part one of our bathroom makeover does not go according to your average makeover story. Spoiler: Not all DIYs by a DIY blogger work the way they should! Our bathroom didn’t turn out well. Like, at all! But, we’ve learnt a lot in the process and with the help of Prominent Paints we’re going to make it right!

Let’s start at the beginning. Our main bathroom came with slightly greeny yellow tiles and a yellow beige wall. We thought it would be a great place to start with updating the look of the house and went all in over a long weekend last year.

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Pallet garden Number 2 // real-life DIY

As I am sure many of you have discovered, DIY doesn’t always go as planned. Today is an example of what I will be calling {real-life DIY}; things that didn’t go to well, but taught me some lessons.

My experimentation with pallet gardens is continuing. The first attempt is still growing well, but in a quest to find the easiest and best way I made a second attempt. This time the plan was to spray paint some tins and then hang them onto a pallet with S-hooks. Some of my inspiration came from this lovely blog.

It originally came out looking something like this:

However, about 2 weeks after planting it I came home to this:

Lesson number 1: Tins filled with soil are heavy and a stormy day can topple a pallet, even if it is resting at an angle. Fasten your pallet down.

This is the remains of one of the squashed tins, which also brings us to
Lesson number 2: Tins can go rusty VERY quickly when being watered. This varied from tin to tin, but the small tins seem to do much better (see below – taken on the same day). The area where the tin is spray painted hasn’t rusted. Next I’ll try spraying the whole tin or first using a sealer/primer and then spray sections with colour.

I managed to rescue all the little plants, but have left them standing on the ground for now. The experimentation continues… 🙂