Chocolate Coated Pretzels // DIY

One of my favourite treats has always been chocolate coated pretzels. I somehow fool myself into thinking it’s a healthier option (and well, chocolate). Shop bought ones always leave me feeling disappointed though (because well, not enough chocolate). My obvious solution is always to make my own homemade ones and you can too!

Chocolate Coated Pretzels DIY

What you need:
Unsalted pretzel sticks
Slab of chocolate
100s & 1000s sprinkles (optional)

Chocolate Pretzels with funfetti

Break the slab of chocolate into pieces and melt in the microwave on defrost. Check every 30 seconds until almost melted and then stir to melt the last bit.

Homemade chocolate coated pretzels

Dip the pretzel into the chocolate and use a spoon to spread the chocolate thinly over the pretzel. Lightly sprinkle 100s & 1000s over the chocolate. Place the coated pretzels onto wax paper or baking paper and then into the fridge.

Easy chocolate pretzels

Enjoy all the chocolate goodness (in moderation of course) 🙂 One caution is that since we are not tempering the chocolate correctly, it is possible that it will melt again if left out in a warm room. You can store the chocolate coated pretzels in a sealed container in the fridge until serving.

Deborah Xx

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Chocolate Coated Pretzel fingers

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