Christmas Cracker DIY // Free Download and Tutorial

The holiday feeling is hitting, even though I’m not actually on holiday (SIGH!). I’m trying to steal a mini-holiday each day. Christmas is just around the corner and that means family time and fun. A nice bonus is getting to pull Christmas crackers and make a nice loud bang 🙂 Why not impress your family this year with homemade crackers?

Christmas Cracker template and tutorial

Post includes a free PDF template and Silhouette Cut File for crackers with a straight or curly edge, as well as a PDF for each of the patterns on the crackers.

Christmas crackers can be used as a simple addition to your Christmas table, but this year I’m going to switch things up a bit and use them as our Christmas cards. Instead of a joke, I’ll write a little message. The jokes are always completely lame anyway 🙂

Christmas Cracker place setting

What you need:
Christmas Cracker template (free download includes PDF cracker template, PDF background patterns and Silhouette Cut File)
Cracker snaps (optional, but the bang is so worth it!)
Trinkets or other cracker fillers
Message, joke or random fact

Celebrate Christmas with Crackers

Start by downloading the template and patterns. Print the patterns onto card (or use your own pretty paper). Then, either print out the template over the patterns or use the Silhouette Cut File to cut for you.

With the cracker pretty side down, stick one of your cracker snaps to the back of the template. Fold trough folds along the edges of the diamonds, by placing a ruler on the edge and lifting the cracker cut out towards you.

Christmas Cracker Tutorial

Turn the cracker (pretty side up) and fold trough folds through the centre of the diamonds.

Christmas cracker template download

Roll your cracker, and secure it by inserting the tab into the slit and tying one side with ribbon.

Free Christmas Cracker Download

Fill with your message and little gift and tie the other ribbon.

Christmas Cracker template and paper download

All that’s left to do is to is pull them with your loved ones and make some BANGS!

Christmas cracker template

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