Clay pendant // tutorial

I saw some clay pendants at the Grahamstown festival last year and so I asked for some air-dry clay for Christmas. These really took a few minutes each to make and I think that they come out really cute.

Most important is the clay (you could use any kind I guess, but this one doesn’t require a kiln and doesn’t leave a powdery mess on your clothes). I used the jar to roll the clay out flat. Collect any random things (such as lace) to be used to decorate your pendant.

First off, roll a little ball of clay flat. I rolled it onto an old piece of tile, but anything smooth and relatively non-stick is good.

Mold the piece into shape. For the heart I cut out the basic shape by using the side of the stick to pull away the extra, then shaped it gently with my fingers (a little bit of moisture on your finger helps to smooth it out). You can also use small cookie cutters (see below).

Press lace gently into the clay to leave a lace impression. The lace must not be so fine that it leaves no impression.
For the version shown in the top picture, I pressed the flat end of the kebab stick gently into the clay to make the heart impression. I think it turned out quite nicely 🙂

I then made a small hole to allow a jumper ring through, using the pointy end of the kebab stick.

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