Copper Pipe Pot Plant Holder DIY // Tutorial

Lately I’ve been finding that I cannot walk past a homeware store without wanting to look for inspiration for my own home. Oh and plants, don’t even get me started on the plants! I’ve had these little mini succulent pot plants for about a year and they’ve just been sitting arbitrarily on a windowsill. It was time that they got a proper spot of their own! This DIY copper pipe pot plant stand is now their special home. It is seriously so easy. Now I want to make EVERYTHING with copper pipe!

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-main-01

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-10

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-7

What you need:

15mm Copper Pipe (82cm / 34in needed)
4 x Copper Tee’s
4 x 90º elbows
4 x pipe caps / stop ends
Pipe cutter
3 x small pot plants (diameter 8cm). A pot lip is useful for resting on the pipe.

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-2

What to do:

Cut the copper pipe using the pipe cutter into the following sizes:
2cm (0.8in) x4
2.5cm (1in) x4
5.5cm (2.2in) x4
24cm (9.4in) x2

Cutting the pipe is genuinely such an easy thing to do! All you need to do it rest the pipe in the pipe cutter. Turn the cutter around the pipe, tightening slightly with each turn.

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-3-01

Copper Pipe Succulent Stand

If your pots are a slightly different size then the lengths of these cuts may need to change accordingly. A little playing around may be needed, so rather cut the pipes a little bit longer, as you can cut a little extra off the end. I’d recommend sticking it all together with some Prestik/Blu-Tack before glueing it, just to check that it works for your pots.

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand

Use Epoxy to connect the pieces, as seen below. Start by connecting the longest pieces to their elbows and connecting the legs and feet together. Place the Epoxy on the inside of the connector so that it gets pushed in when you insert the pipe.

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-4

Once the first round of Epoxy is dry, connect the legs to the side pipes. Use a box to ensure that the legs are straight.

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-5

Pop your mini pots into your lovely new plant holder and enjoy!

If you’d like to give your copper a polish you can either rub it with tomato sauce or leave the pipe to sit in a mixture of warm water and vinegar for a few minutes.

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-9

DIY Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-6

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