Cork Mousepad // DIY

Not all DIYs work out the way you had originally imagined them. As a DIY blogger you have to get used to changing your plan as you go and hoping that it turns out even BETTER than the plan. This is one of those. My computer mouse really doesn’t work all that well if I use it straight on my desk, so it was time to do a mousepad DIY.

Cork Mousepad DIY

This post started out as a spray paint DIY, but the tape on cork just didn’t work for spray paint. You know how the paint sometimes seeps under the tape. Urgh, it doesn’t look good! The spray paint also seemed to just get absorbed into the cork. But don’t worry, a plan was made and I love the final result even more.

Cork Mousepad DIY

What you need:

Cork or cork tile (thickish is better)
Circle template
Masking Tape
Acrylic Paint

Cork Mousepad DIY

What To Do:

It’s seriously so simple. The best kind of mousepad DIY!

Use your template to cut out your cork circle. Tape your masking tape over a section of the cork and paint an even layer of acrylic paint over the section you want painted. Allow the paint to dry before removing the tape.

Yay for a mouse that now moves smoothly around my screen!

Cork Mousepad DIY

Cork Mousepad DIY


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3 thoughts on “Cork Mousepad // DIY

  1. Bronwyn Slater says:

    Hi Deborah, I was thinking of making mini versions of this mousepad and using them as coasters. What would you recommend (if anything) to seal them a bit? Not sure how cork would last with moisture etc.

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