DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers // Tutorial

Cupcakes are cute, but who can beat cupcakes with a DIY touch? I’m all for DIY’s that are quick, but add loads of detail. These DIY paper pinwheel cupcake toppers are just that! Once you’ve got everything together (the hardest part of most DIYs, right?), these will just take about 2 minutes each. The bonus? They actually spin!

DIY PInwheel Cupcake toppers that spin

What you need:
Paper, cut into squares (mine are 5x5cm)
Pearl pins
Hollow lollipop sticks or straws

Jewellery pliers
Glue gun

DIY paper pinwheel cake decoration

Cut into each corner of each square, towards the centre point. Use a pin to make a hole at the centre point and at the tip on one side of each cut (as in the template below).

DIY PInwheel Cupcake toppers template-01

Paper pinwheel tutorial

Bend your pins into a L-shape. The bent part, near the pearl, should be about 1cm.

Pinwheel DIY

Thread your paper onto the pin. Start with all the corners and end with the centre hole. Gently push the pinwheel up over the bend.

Paper Pinwheel DIY

Add a bead and push it over the bend. Place the pin into the top of your straw and secure with a small dot of glue. If you are using soft straws, you can avoid using the glue gun by gently pushing the end of the pin through a hole a few millimeters away from the top of one side of the straw.

Paper Pinwheel DIY

Paper windmill Cupcake topper

Pinwheel cake toppers

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