DIY table numbers and name cards // download and tutorial

On Saturday I tripped while walking on the mountain and managed to dislocated my knee cap. Although this is not a nice thing to happen, it does mean that the doctor has booked me off for 4 days and I get to catch up on a bit of blogging 🙂

Make these fun DIY table numbers for your wedding

Today I have a mini tutorial and free download for you on the table numbers from our wedding. Because we went with science theme for our wedding, Michael came up with some sums that equalled the number of each table. On the version to download the sums aren’t there since I figure that most people won’t want them 🙂

You can download a photoshop, illustrator or plain pdf version here. It has numbers 1-10 and a separate name card for the bride and groom. If you want to make more you can also download my plain borders and create your own table numbers or name cards.

What to do (it makes more sense once you look at the pictures):

Download and print the document
-Cut out around each number, ensuring that you leave a gap between the edge of the bracket frame and where you are cutting
-Cut out along the faint line on the top side of the frame
-Fold down the top “edge part” at the points on the side to allow the card to stand up on its own

Follow these simple instructions to make your own cute paper table numbers // Free printable download

Download table numbers and have some fun!

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