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As bloggers, it’s good to keep track of your blog traffic. It allows you see your blog growth, what posts your readers like, where they come from and so much more. Like most others, I use Google Analytics for tracking my stats. It is such a powerful tool and it’s free. Bonus!

Block multiple referral spam traffic Tutorial

Understanding your readers is vital for producing and promoting content effectively. To be able to use your data you also need to know that it is accurate. There are a few ways that inaccuracy can creep in, not through the fault of the analytics tool, but through people being sneaky. One such way is caused by false traffic from a referral site. This is a method that some sites use to try get you to their site. It could either be just for increased traffic for them, to try sell you something or to have a malicious script running on their site that can steal information from you.

You’ll find your referral info in your Google Analytics account at Reporting > Acquisition > All Traffic > referrals. Some examples of spammy referrals are,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Referral traffic

You want to try and block as many of the spam referrals that you can, so that you have a real idea of where your traffic comes from. Unfortunately it won’t remove the past traffic from the spam referrers, but will block any future traffic.

How to block multiple spam referrals with just one filter in Google Analytics:

  1. In your Google Analytics account, click Admin and select your site in the “View” drop-down. (If you only have one GA account set-up then this should be selected by default).
  2. Select “Filters”
  3. Click the “+ ADD FILTER” button
    • Select “Create new Filter”
    • Give the filter an obvious name, such as “referral Spam”
    • Select “Custom” filter type
    • “Exclude”, Filter field – ” Campaign Source”
    • In filter pattern, copy the url of whatever you suspect is a dodgy referral e.g.
    • If you notice multiple referral spammers separate the urls with a “|” e.g. | |
  4. Click “Save”

Block multiple referral spam traffic

It’s a good idea to check for new spam referrers regularly, as new ones will keep popping up.

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