Income Report – September & October 2016

September and October saw a few exciting opportunities starting up. Some of them are spoken about below and some will be shown in the coming months. One thing is for sure, is that there will be changes coming.

DIY Blog Income Report

Why am I sharing my DIY Blog Income Report?

The point of showing you my income report is so that you can come along with me on the journey of improving Pure Sweet Joy. I’m aiming for transparency that can keep me striving for my best, as well as help you in your own blogging journey. I know, I know, it’s not only about the numbers, but it is a good way to measure progress. I intend to post my expenses and earnings that I may have received, as well as any significant changes in traffic. I’ll also speak about any changes or improvements made, accomplishments achieved and challenges faced.


As per usual, time management is my biggest enemy. We’ll get there one day folks. One day….


In August I spoke about a little side project I was working on. A close friend got married and I was busy doing all the place names, wedding favours and the cake topper. It was so much fun working on these. The absolute bonus was that within 2 weeks of the wedding I’d been commissioned to make the same custom names for a full matric dance.

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October also saw the start of some more freelance writing. It’s something I never would have thought I would be doing. I was the type of girl who didn’t do the essay subjects at school because writing was just not my thing. Being able to write about things you actually like is just so much better than school essays though!


I’ve started working on a new site for Pure Sweet Joy. Complete with its own shop! Whoop whoop.
I also need to be more consistent with Instagram. If I write it here I’m accountable, right?

EXPENSES – September:

Supplies – R1995
Google Account – R85
Lightroom & Photoshop – R141
Hosting – R18
Total Expenses – R2239 ($158)

EARNINGS – September:

Adsense – R399
Etsy – R1329
Freelance post – R500
Physical Products – R2300
Total Earnings – R4528 ($320)

EXPENSES – October:

Supplies – R60
Google Account – R82
Lightroom & Photoshop – R141
Hosting – R18
Total Expenses – R301 ($22)

EARNINGS – October:

Adsense – R444
Etsy – R1386
Freelance posts  – R500
Physical Products – R380
Total Earnings – R2710 ($191)

I also have an additional $94 in Creative Market sales over this time period, but they have not yet been withdrawn.

And so ends another two months! All the best for the festive season!

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