Make your own chalkboard, paint and all // tutorial

Yesterday was a rainy day in Cape Town, and since I have a week of holiday, it meant that there was finally time for me to do a craft 🙂 This is a simple way to make your very own chalkboard paint, choosing your own colour. I was inspired by this post.

What you need: White grout, Acrylic paint, wood (or whatever surface you want to paint), paintbrush and measuring stuff.

Make a mixture of the grout and acrylic paint in a ration of 1:8. I used 1 tsp grout to 40ml acrylic paint, and I had loads left over!

Paint your surface. I did a few layers all in one go and smoothing it out as much as possible with the last layer. Using a light sandpaper can help to smooth the board a bit, then go over it lightly with chalk.

Have fun!

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