Necklace (or key) hanger // tutorial

I finally decided that I can’t have all my necklaces hanging on the same old broken sunglasses frames. So as my final project before starting up my Dietetics Honours course, I made a necklace hanger.

I used a piece of scrap supawood (from making these wooden pendants), plain fabric, left-over paint (I’d recommend fabric paint though), 5 screw hooks, sticker paper, wood glue, swivel knife, sponge. I also used 2 plastic rings, needle and thread, saw and drill (not shown in picture) – technically my dad used the saw and the drill, but hey!

First, to make a stencil I printed the design that I wanted straight onto a piece of sticker paper. This was a gloss sticker paper, so one should print with a laserjet printer, rather than an inkjet.

I could only find gold screw hooks so I dipped each one into the paint that I was using. Colour-coded is good 🙂

Cut the wood to the size you want. This piece was 18.5cm x 7.5cm. Measure where you want the screw hooks to go. Drill a small hole (1mm) and screw the hooks in and then take them out again, to make it easier later.

I decided to use the same stencil twice (non-classic version: the inside of the stencil, painting the outside, and then the classic stencil, painting the inside gaps). To make the bird part of the stencil easier, I first painted the branch of the classic stencil version onto the fabric.

If you look by the bird’s legs, you will see that there are sections that are completely surrounded by black. If you don’t do the branch first you will have to cut out those surrounded sections separately and then try stick them in place on your fabric. This will still work it is just a little tricky-er to get right.

As you cut out the birds stick them onto the fabric of your non-classic stencil version, with a sticker branch. Once all birds are cut out stick the big sticker onto the branch that has already been painted.

With the sponge paint over the stencils. For the non-classic version I tried to leave a mottled effect. It made the end product look old and rustic, which I think turned out great!

Pull off the stickers.

Trim down the size of your fabric a bit and stick down the bottom section of the back. Then stick a pin or needle through the holes, from the front, to mark them. This will make it much easier to find the holes later.

You can attach it to the wall however you like, The best way we could come up with, using stuff I had, was to sew these plastic rings onto the top of the back. They are sewn on the sides and bottom and act as hooks for screws that are put into the wall

Glue down the sides. I didn’t worry too much about neatness here, because the top flap was going to cover it all.

Screw the screw hooks into the holes.

Once the top flap is glued down, this is how the back looks.


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