Origami Birds // Free Silhouette download

It’s finally time for some more free content. Yay! It’s been such a crazy time trying to start up a new business that my head space has been a little clouded. As things are settling down I’m really looking forward to FINALLY getting into doing some decoration in our house and making it fit into the current decade. Although I hope to not have to rent the house out again, I don’t feel like anyone else saying “I was looking for something a bit more modern…”

As I said yesterday I recently got a Silhouette Cameo die-cutter and have been loving the possibilities it opens up for creativity. Today I’m sharing with you the template for the origami birds that I’ve stuck up in our lounge.

Silhouette Cameo bird cutting file
Included in the download link is a Silhouette Studio Cutting file as well as a PDF and PNG for those who want them for other programs.

Origami Birds Silhouette Cutting file

Silhouette Cameo origami bird

Download the files here

I’d love to see what you get up to with your Silhouette or with these origami birdie designs 🙂


Disclaimer: These were designed off actual origami birds and using Freepix.

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