Our science themed wedding – 2 years on

Beaker | Science theme weddingToday Michael and I are celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. In our true style we ended up at Spur for 2-for-1 burgers. But, to give credit where it’s due, that was not the original plan. Unfortunately Eskom had other plans for the electricity in Malelane and load-shedding led to the lovely restaurant overlooking the crocodile river being unable to prepare food for us. These 2 years have been an adventure and we have enjoyed having each other to share life with. What a blessing marriage is, because it doesn’t really matter where we end up, because we’re together.

I didn’t really post much about our wedding as I was keeping things secret before hand and then didn’t have much time afterwards. Since we both come from a science background, we decided to carry that through into our wedding to make it personal. We managed to source beakers, conical flasks and flat bottom flasks for table decor and testubes filled with Smarties as wedding favours. Michael came up with sums for the table numbers to bring in his mathematical side. (A plain version is available for download here)

Beaker | Science theme weddingTable numbers | Science theme weddingScience theme weddingtablenumber

Test tube favor | Science theme wedding

We also had a little fun with old photos in our couple shoot, using photos of our parents on their wedding days and a photo of each of us as a child. 

Parents wedding photo ideaYoung child photo idea

If you’re busy planning your wedding or just dreaming up ideas for the future, have fun. Find something that is special to you and run with it. A wedding is such a wonderful day where you are surrounded by people who are special to you as you commit to the one you love. But also, remember that while your wedding day is important, so is your marriage. The wedding lasts for a day, but it is only the beginning of a beautiful journey that you get to do with your favourite right by your side.


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