4 tips to avoid a painting disaster – Bathroom makeover part 1

Part one of our bathroom makeover does not go according to your average makeover story. Spoiler: Not all DIYs by a DIY blogger work the way they should! Our bathroom didn’t turn out well. Like, at all! But, we’ve learnt a lot in the process and with the help of Prominent Paints we’re going to make it right!

Let’s start at the beginning. Our main bathroom came with slightly greeny yellow tiles and a yellow beige wall. We thought it would be a great place to start with updating the look of the house and went all in over a long weekend last year.

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Valentines Day Heart Cookies // Recipe

Do you plan your Valentine’s Day in advance? Almost every year we end up waking up a day or two before and realising that we’ve made no plans yet. Of course this means all the good restaurants are already booked out and we normally end up having a picnic or making a meal at home. The funny thing is those are the meals I remember. I remember picnicing in the car below table mountain and spending our second wedding anniversary at Spur much more than I remember most of the restaurants we’ve been to.

Point is, things don’t need to be fancy! Whip up these simple Valentine’s Day Heart Cookies as a gift for your loved ones, friends or teachers and let them enjoy a homemade gift.

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