Pallet garden Number 2 // real-life DIY

As I am sure many of you have discovered, DIY doesn’t always go as planned. Today is an example of what I will be calling {real-life DIY}; things that didn’t go to well, but taught me some lessons.

My experimentation with pallet gardens is continuing. The first attempt is still growing well, but in a quest to find the easiest and best way I made a second attempt. This time the plan was to spray paint some tins and then hang them onto a pallet with S-hooks. Some of my inspiration came from this lovely blog.

It originally came out looking something like this:

However, about 2 weeks after planting it I came home to this:

Lesson number 1: Tins filled with soil are heavy and a stormy day can topple a pallet, even if it is resting at an angle. Fasten your pallet down.

This is the remains of one of the squashed tins, which also brings us to
Lesson number 2: Tins can go rusty VERY quickly when being watered. This varied from tin to tin, but the small tins seem to do much better (see below – taken on the same day). The area where the tin is spray painted hasn’t rusted. Next I’ll try spraying the whole tin or first using a sealer/primer and then spray sections with colour.

I managed to rescue all the little plants, but have left them standing on the ground for now. The experimentation continues… 🙂

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