Raised Copper Pot Plant Stand DIY // Tutorial

Is it OK to want to make everything out of copper now? I think so. After making the mini pot plant holder, I just had to create more. I’ve already told you about my obsession with plants, so naturally the next project was a way to bring a new plant into the house. This raised copper pot plant stand is a great way to add some height variation  to your space or lift a plant off the ground to show off its beauty.

Make your own raised copper pot plant stand for your favourite indoor plant

Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-main

And of course, it’s really simple to make and will impress your friends.
Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-6

What you need:

15mm Copper Pipe (82cm / 34in needed)
8 x Copper Tee’s
8 x pipe caps / stop ends
Pipe cutter
Epoxy or other string, quick drying glue
Pot plant (+-15cm diameter)

Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-2

What to do:

Cut your copper pipe into  pieces these sizes:
4 x 15cm (6in)
4 x 9cm (3.5in)
4 x 5cm (2in)
4 x 2.5cm (1in)

Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-3

Stick it all together with some Blu-Tack / Prestik first to check the size. Then follow through by sticking it  together with Epoxy.

Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand

Start by sticking the base together. Stick everything on the left and then everything on the right and then slot the two halves together. If you stick the pipe together by moving either clockwise or anti-clockwise you could end up with a piece of pipe that cannot be slotted in, as the pieces already stuck in will not bend to allow for the extra piece of pipe that needs to be glued into the copper tee. It’s difficult to explain, but trust me, if you do it that way, you may get stuck.

Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-4 - labelled

Next, stick on your copper tee’s for the legs. Make sure to do this on a flat surface so that you can level all the tee’s. Work quickly with the Epoxy so that you have a little bit of time to correct. This step is what will ensure that your legs stand straight up. Allow the Epoxy to dry before adding the legs.

Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-10

Add the legs and pipe caps and your very own DIY’d raised copper pot plant stand is ready to go!

Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-9

Raised Copper Pipe Pot Plant Stand-7

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Deborah Xx

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18 thoughts on “Raised Copper Pot Plant Stand DIY // Tutorial

    • Deborah says:

      Oh no! I definitely did not have that problem. We get two sizes of pipe and connectors here, but they are very obviously different sizes. If they look like they should fit but don’t then I’d take them back to wherever you got them and ask then why they don’t fit.

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  2. Tara T. says:

    I love this! A few questions – What are the dimensions of the final result, with the pieces all fitted together? How tall is it, and how far off the floor does the plant sit? What diameter plant pot does this fit?

    • Deborah says:

      Hi Tara. The final dimensions of mine are about 25cm high, the plant sits 16cm high and the diameter for the pot is about 15cm. Because my pot is shaped the diameter of the pot at the top was 18cm. You can easily change the length of the copper pieces to fit whatever size pot you want. If you’re experimenting with size you can cut pieces a tiny bit bigger than you need, as it’s easy to cut off an extra sliver. If the pieces end up too small, you can also first glue a sliver of pipe inside the connector and then add your full length.

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