Refreshing Summer Drinks // Recipe

As I sit here sipping on these drinks and writing this post, I feel like I should be on the beach. Now, I’m not the most beach-y person out there, but there is something delightfully subtle and summery about them.

Non-Alcoholic summer cocktails

The three flavours are inspired by the creative drinks served at the Rain Perfume launch two weeks ago, each based on one of the new Rain Africa fragrances.

These non-alcoholic drinks would make a great welcome drink for your next party, non-alcoholic cocktail for the kids or just a little summer fun. And the best part? Eating the fruit once the drink is finished and it’s soaked up all the yummy flavours!

Nectar non-alcoholic drink recipe

1 part soda water
1 part white grape juice
Lime, lemon, cucumber and mint (infused in grape juice)

1 part soda water
1 part lemonade
1 part mixed berry juice
Strawberries and oranges (infused in berry juice)

1 part soda water
1 part ginger beer
1 part lemon ice tea
Fresh ginger, lemon and lime (infused in ice tea)

Strawberry in a champagne glass

For each flavour allow the fresh ingredients to infuse and then add the remaining fizzy liquids just before serving. All that’s left is to sip and enjoy!

What’s your favourite summer drink?

Refreshing summer drink recipe

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