Ribbon Bunting Cake Topper // DIY

Oh cake toppers, how I love you so, especially when you are made into ribbon bunting from my little scraps. This little cake topper was actually dreamt up as a simple prop, while shooting this wooden cake stand. It was just looking a little bare without any cake topper flair. If this can be made mid-shoot, it’s definitely a quick and easy addition to any cake.

Girly Cake Topper Ribbon Bunting Tutorial // Pure Sweet Joy

What You Need:

Ribbon and cord scraps in various colours and thicknesses
2 Kebab sticks
Cord, string or strong cotton

Cake Topper Ribbon Bunting Tutorial // Pure Sweet Joy

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Ribbon Bunting Steps:

  1. Cut your ribbon into small pieces, varying slightly in length.
  2. Tie a piece of cord or string to the top of one kebab stick. This piece must be long enough for the width of the cake, plus a little to hang past the edges.
  3. Starting at one end, place a piece of ribbon under the string and dot some glue in the middle (where you will fold the ribbon in half).
  4. Fold the ribbon in half and press down on the glued section.
  5. Continue along the string until you have enough for your topper.
  6. Tie the other end of the cord  to the second kebab stick.
  7. Trim the ends of the ribbon and cord to suit your look.

Easy cake topper ribbon bunting // Pure Sweet Joy

What are you favourite cake toppers? Comment below with any ideas you’d like to see me try or with the amazing things you’ve done yourself.

Ribbon Bunting Tutorial using only glue, ribbon, kebab sticks and cotton

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