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Don’t you just love a good adventure? Now I’m not really the crazy, bungee jump off a bridge sort of adventure girl, but I do love exploring, seeing new places and trying new things. I’ve also recently started a new job, which is an adventure of learning and growing (and also why I’ve been a little quiet this month).

Sometimes we may need a little reminder to step out and say yes to a new adventure, so here’s a pretty free print for you to use as your reminder.

Free quote print. "Say yes to new adventures" // Pure Sweet Joy

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Say Yes print

Not all adventures need to be big things. In fact, the more we can have mini-adventures in our normal days the more we will get out of life. Some ideas for new a adventure:

  • Try a new coffee shop or restaurant
  • Get away and stay in a new town, even if just for the night
  • Try a new hobbie/craft
  • Phone a friend for a spontaneous walk/day trip
  • Get hold of a new recipe and give it a go

I’d love to see how you use it so use #puresweetjoyblog on Instagram.

What adventure is calling your name?

Go explore!

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