Lettered Cupcake Toppers DIY // Tutorial and Free Silhouette Download

I’ve been thinking about this project for a while, trying to come up with a fresh idea. You know, cake toppers a little over done, right? In fact, I’ve been thinking about it for so long that it’s actually too late for Michael’s birthday. Whoops! I wanted a sophisticated cake / cupcake topper that is great for adults too and I finally got it. On a side note, our study now smells like delicious cupcakes. I better give some away, before I eat them all..

Sophisticated lettered cupcake toppers

For this Silhouette DIY you will need:

Spray adhesive (or a glue gun if you don’t have spray adhesive)
Spray paint
Florists wire
Free Silhouette cut files (see below)

*After experimenting with cardboard, acetate came out the clear superior. It gave a much cleaner cut, especially for the finer details. For my acetate, which seemed to be quite thick, the Silhouette Cameo cut settings I used where Blade 6, Thickness 30, Speed 2, with a double cut.

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and then download your file:
Cupcake Topper Silhouette cut files

Once you’ve cut your images, lay them out face down on paper and spray the backs with spray adhesive. Gently lift the toppers and place them on a section of paper that doesn’t have glue on it, just to prevent any paper sticking to the acetate. Allow a few seconds for the glue to dry before placing your wire in the centre most vertical line of the cupcake topper. (E.g. the leg of the “r” in “Let’s party”). Gently press on the wire, without touching the rest of the sticky letters. Allow to dry properly.

Cupcake toppers DIY

A little trick I learnt is that the spray adhesive also gives a rough effect which mimics glitter. So, if you like the glitter look, turn your cake toppers over and give the front side a spray with the spray adhesive. Again, gently move the toppers to a glue free section of paper. (Below: ‘Oh Snap’ is smooth with no adhesive on the front, while ‘Oh yay’ has the glitter effect)

Glitter and smooth gold effect from spraypaint

Once dry, spray one side with spray paint, allow to dry and then spray the other side. If you are going for the glitter effect be sure not to spray too thickly as then the paint will smooth out the rough glitter.

Gold lettered cupcake toppers

Elegant Birthday Cupcake Toppers

Aren’t these just the best ever? Or maybe it’s the recipient who is the best ever?

Best Ever Cupcake Toppers Silhouette Download

I’d love to see how you use these sophisticated cupcake or cake toppers. Tag me on Instagram @puresweetjoy with #puresweetjoyblog or use Facebook.


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