Spray Painted Gift Tags // Tutorial and Free Download

Buying gifts ahead of time is not something I’m all that good at. I’ll often have to quickly run to the shop just before a party to try find the right gift and still include a DIY touch. Then again, I’m not all that good at being on time at all… Anyway, the point is that it’s always a good idea to have a little stash of ready-DIY’d gift tags or a super quick DIY that you can do when you really only have a few minutes. These spray painted gift tags are just that!

DIY Spray Painted Gift Tags-Template 2

What you need:
Spray paint
Scissors and Punch or a Silhouette machine
Free* pdf template or silhouette cut file (optional)

DIY Spray Painted Gift Tags-10

To cut your gift tags you can either use the free* downloadable pdf template or silhouette cut file available from the link above or you can simply cut a rectangular gift tag out of card. Use a punch to make holes for the thread.

Spray paint onto one edge of all the tags. Allow paint to dry, before turning over to spray the matching edge on the back of the tag. And, just like that you’ve added a DIY touch to your gift.

DIY Spray Painted Gift Tags-6

While styling the photos for this post, I decided to cut some flowers from the garden. Aren’t they beautiful? These grow like crazy in our tiny back garden with literally no effort. They look a little scruffy most of the year, but make a lovely purple mass when flowering. I may have got a bit distracted taking pictures of them, so thought they deserved their own picture in the post. What are you favourite styling props that you have around the house anyway?

DIY Spray Painted Gift Tags-2

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Deborah Xx

DIY Spray Painted Gift Tags-Template

*downloadable template is available free for personal use only

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