Heart Funfetti Cookies // Recipe

Do you ever feel like you just need to add a little sprinkles to the everyday things of life? It is way to easy for our day to day activities to take over and the fun side of life to get pushed aside. While small, funfetti is a great way to add an extra little bit of extra colour, fun and party spirit. Adding funfetti sprinkles to vanilla cookies to make some funfetti cookies? So simple and easy!

Add a little fun to your table with these heart funfetti cookies // recipe

These funfetti cookies were made as part of the run up to Valentine’s Day. Somehow they only ever made it on to Instagram and not the blog. I figured it was time to share them here too. Continue reading

Valentines Day Heart Cookies // Recipe

Do you plan your Valentine’s Day in advance? Almost every year we end up waking up a day or two before and realising that we’ve made no plans yet. Of course this means all the good restaurants are already booked out and we normally end up having a picnic or making a meal at home. The funny thing is those are the meals I remember. I remember picnicing in the car below table mountain and spending our second wedding anniversary at Spur much more than I remember most of the restaurants we’ve been to.

Point is, things don’t need to be fancy! Whip up these simple Valentine’s Day Heart Cookies as a gift for your loved ones, friends or teachers and let them enjoy a homemade gift.

Use this simple recipe for Heart Cookies as a simple Valentines Day gift for that person who you just don't know what to get! Continue reading

Easy Wooden Cake Stand // DIY

We’ve all had that time where you’ve got a beautiful cake (maybe one you’ve slaved over for hours), you expect it to look amazing on the table with the rest of the snacks at your party, but then it just looks, well, meh! It somehow gets lost amongst the rest of the food. Or is that just me? Putting a cake on a cake stand, is the simplest way to get your cake to stand out (quite literally!). And a DIY cake stand? That’s even better, in my opinion! And so, with that, my cake stand obsession continues…


This DIY cake stand really only needs about 10 minutes of your time, plus a little time for the paint to dry in between. Win! Continue reading