Need your clothes to dry faster? // Spindel Review

Are you good at keeping up with with your laundry? We aren’t! As it is now, with just the two of us we can often have washing strewn out over the clothes rack, camping chairs and sometimes even on the couch just to try get it all to dry. The lounge ends up looking like a disaster zone! For a long long time we’ve been wanting to get hold of a Spindel and with a baby due at the start of what will hopefully be a rainy winter, we decided it was definitely time to give it a try.

The Spindel is a great way to save electricity, while helping your laundry to dry in a flash!

A Spindel is a laundry dryer that spins at a much faster rate than your washing machine. In just 3 minutes, it can spin out up to 80% of the moisture left in your laundry after washing. By spinning two full-ish loads of our relatively small toploader washing machine, we managed to get another 1,5 litres of water out. Continue reading

Rain Africa treat at Mosaic Private Sanctuary

Over the weekend I was invited to explore the beautiful Mosaic Private Sanctuary as part of the launch of Rain‘s new perfume range. Rain is a South African founded beauty product company. Although their products smell amazing and leave you feeling gorgeous, the thing I appreciate most is that their purpose for starting was to create employment and give people hope. In a country where we are confronted by unemployment and poverty on a daily basis, this is something that sits very close to my heart.

Mosaic Spookhuis

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