Vertical pallet garden // tutorial

So, for a few months I have really been wanting to try out the vertical pallet garden idea. Being busy and not having a pallet, made this a little tricky. However, I was given a pallet and decided that I needed to take some time out from work and do something useful that I just felt like doing.

What you need:The staple gun made this so much easier. Surprisingly they aren’t even that expensive. I saw the same one that I used for about R150, luckily I can still borrow my mom’s one for now 🙂

We decided to use a mixture of lettuce, rocket, spinach and marigolds (to attract the pests away from the leafy veggies, and to add some pretty)

How to do it:
Start out by cutting rectangles of fabric that will be big enough to go over the side edges of the future trough area and down the inside, across the bottom and up the other side.
I then first stapled it at the back. along the trough area and pulled the bulk of the fabric through to the front.

Staple along the top of the inside of the trough, form the trough shape and staple the front and sides. Trim down the edges to make them neat.

Repeat for all the troughs and then add a mixture of compost and potting soil (and a bit of bone meal for good measure) to each trough. Add your seedlings and your vertical pallet garden is ready to go!

Our top row looks a bit saggy from the front, but this is actually just because the wooden panel at the back is lower then the panel at the front, requiring the fabric to go at an angle.

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