We’re having a little baby!

Our little family is becoming a family of three and we are so excited! Come June 2017 our lives are going to change forever, in ways we can’t even imagine I’m sure, but we are looking forward to the journey and all that we will learn along the way.

Baby Announcement photo using balloons // We're having a baby!

One of the first things that people have been asking me is: “How do you feel?“. At the moment I’m feeling pretty good. I didn’t suffer too badly from morning sickness, but I definitely wasn’t feeling my normal self.  We’re into the second trimester, so the early tiredness (read EXHAUSTION!) has subsided. Almost daily afternoon naps and early nights didn’t leave me much time or energy to be as active as I’d like over here on the blog, but I’m sure you’ll understand 🙂

What does this mean for Pure Sweet Joy? The heart behind Pure Sweet Joy is to inspire creativity. I believe that we are ALL creative in some way, so I will be staying true to that. Obviously in keeping DIYs practical for others (and myself) there will be some baby and kiddie related posts, but this will not become a pure mommy blog space. There are some great mommy/family blogs out there, so I’ll let them keep on doing their thing.


Keep you eyes on the blog and Instagram for a fun little giveaway next week.
Thank you to Illuminate Photography for the lovely photos 🙂


Baby Announcement photo using balloons // We're having a baby!

Deborah Xx

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4 thoughts on “We’re having a little baby!

  1. Ika says:

    Congratulations Deborah, excited for you. It’s such a blessing to be able to carry life. Take it easy and relax. Sleep as much as you can now because once the baby gets here sleep becomes a distant memory. Hopefully your little one will be kind to you in that department 🙂

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