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I’ve had this idea sort of brewing in my mind for a while, but putting it into words is extremely difficult. I recently met up with a blogger friend of mine and while discussing blog niches she said how your blog is your own space so you can write whatever you want. So here goes.

Sea View

Life isn’t always pretty, it isn’t always “instagram-worthy” and  it isn’t always easy. In fact, most of the time it isn’t easy. Some of you may know that I work as a dietitian in an underprivileged, under-resourced, poverty, crime and gang riddled community four days a week. In the rest of my “spare” time I am supposed to focus on all my blog related work. But you know what, these past few weeks I’ve been struggling. Struggling with the contrast. Struggling with the living situations I leave behind when I drive home in my own car to my comfortable, dry house with plenty of food, warm water and a flushing toilet. Struggling with the boundaries of compassion and reality.

Most days are totally great. I love the fact that I am privileged enough to be let into the lives of those I work with. To help and care where I can and to listen where I can’t. But then there are other times where it’s tough!

I have found myself working these things into conversations, as if trying to open the eyes of the “privileged”, but really I think I’m actually just trying to figure things out in my own mind.

But, you know what the amazing thing is? Many of these people are so full of contentment and joy. Yes, they want things to change, but not in the ways we might expect. There is joy in a pair of boots given as a gift, joy in a meal where there was enough food to go back for second and third helpings, joy in doing exercises together as a group and joy in playing the simplest games. (Seriously, the laughter while playing games gets me every time!)

What is the point of this blog post you may ask? Although there was no real reason why I chose to call this here little blog “Pure Sweet Joy” back in 2011, it is turning into a real message to myself. To find joy in ALL situations. To stay creative in ALL situations. And to inspire creativity and joy in others.

Just a little piece of my heart lately,
Deborah Xx

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2 thoughts on “When things aren’t always pretty // Life lately

  1. Alfonzowords says:

    I love that! to find joy in all situations. so many people just get stuck in rooted routines they never take the time to realize this. Ganbatte on all your awesome adventures

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